Max Programming – Visual Sound

Using Max Programming, myself and Joshua Davies set out to create a networked audio solution which would allow the control of faders within a D.A.W by the use of a wireless camera over a network. For this to work in real time we had to find a high speed video connection over a network which could be opened within a Max 7 Patch.

This was done by the use of multiple iPhones connected over wifi through a set of networked iMacs using MPEG1 video (thanks to Phoboslabs Instant Webcam App). One iMac hosted a colour detection Max Patch, Networking Max Patch and the D.A.W plus a separate max patch that detected colours to also create sound.

Another set of iMacs were set up with there own colour with its own audio networked from Logic Pro X. As you moved closer to the iMac the patch would detect you doing so and raise the fader in the D.A.W which then raised the volume on the corresponding iMac.

Produced while on the Audio Recording and Production course at University of Hertfordshire