Max Programming – Automatic Composer

Max Programming – A programming language for multimedia and music.

Date: 31S May 2017

Using Max Programming, I set out to create a piece of software that would arrange its own piece of music at the touch of a button. This is produced by using MIDI within Max 7. Creating 4 instruments from the ground up using raw MIDI data produce sound, to keep these in tune I chose to write all the midi note numbers so they built up the key of Eb Major. Thus being able to combine note to make chords.

To randomise the music made by this software I used random number generators (RNG) which would allocate which octave a note would play and in some instances used the RNG to also allocate which notes were to be played. Overall there are 4 Instruments built into this patch, One for lead/solo composition, one for chords, one for bass and the other playing interval jumps. At times the Chords and Bass instruments can link so they follow each other depending when each one is selected.

A timer section then decides which instrument will play and when over the course of two minutes. This meaning each time the go button is press it will make a completely random composition.


Produced while on the Audio Recording and Production course at University of Hertfordshire.