Final Major Project – Vogelaudio Audio Units

Produced as a requirement to finishing the BSc in Audio Recording and Production at the University of Hertfordshire each student had to undertake a Final Major Project. The breif for this was to show skills learnt over the past three years on the course by creating a product or project that would push students to learn something new and create something that through research, you believed to be missing from the audio industry.

I created, as shown on the right, the Vogelaudio Audio Units. A modular hardware control surface that controlled a software counterpart allowing for editing and manipulation of audio with the purpose of teaching how an audio signal chain worked. I found while on the course at the University of Hertfordshire many students could easily manipulate audio within a software environment but when it came to work within a studio with wires and patch leads they often fell down as they felt it became confusing. To bridge this gap the hardware unit allowed for modular blocks representing types of audio manipulation such as distortion and delay to be sat in any order the user wished and this in turn would reroute the software to follow the unit. This was achieved by using an Arduino to analyse analogue and digital inputs to send serial messages to MAX/MSP.

Over the course of the 6 months we were given to produce the work, I designed and built the electronic hardware, programmed the Arduino to meet the needs of the hardware, programmed MAX/MSP patches for the software counterpart and design all the graphics and wooden shell that housed the electronics.