Electronics – 7 Band Equaliser

While in the first year of my degree we were proposed with a challenge to create a piece of electronic hardware which was somewhat related to audio design. I decided to go away research how equalisers work and how they are designed. Then come back with a schematic we had sources to build our prototype within six weeks.

The design features two quad LM6134BIN/NOPB Op-Amps which 7 are used for filtering stage and the last for the overall amplification of the signal at the end of the chain.  The filters are made by creating a low and high pass around a designated frequency using resistors and capacitors. This build also build to as highest quality for a student budget while at university which I set at maximum £20 but only ended up spending £16.55 on the build as a whole.

Produced while on the Audio Recording and Production course at University of Hertfordshire