Audio Processing – Binaural Audio Project

During my first year at the University of Hertfordshire we were tasked with creating  a story based audio project which used binaural processing when presented with a set of 50 audio files. All of which had to take place over three minutes.

I decided that my project would follow a story which I call ‘A Day In The Life’ it follows an ordinary person who spends their day in the city working coming home to their country side house where they relax and meet a family member upstairs who is playing guitar and singing.

We were also presented with the idea of researching how binaural audio can be recorded. Being the cuprous person that I am I set to discover how I could do this myself. Within the next week I had created a Jecklin Disk which emulates how human ears work by using time delay of sound waves between two microphones with a surface between them.

This was then placed in another recording session I had that week to act as someone standing in the room listening purposely place so that the microphones were to the right of the performers as pictured to the right.

You can hear this audio at the end of the clip as the protagonist is walking towards a room upstairs.

This is best experienced listening with headphones.

Produced while on the Audio Recording and Production course at University of Hertfordshire