Studio Recording Project – Week 3

1st November 2016

With other assignments coming up I decided to get an internal idea down that I could come back and work on. This used the structure of the song recorded in the first week with guitar and bass edited together. I  also used the past week to think about what I would like to do with my project, I decided to experiment with flex time to make the chords shorter that were cut from the original guitar track to form chord stabs.

Guitars Guitars Flex








These were then sent to a bus that had a Tape Delay that repeated the chords throughout with the use of  the tape delays division and feedback. Here I feel that I became more conscious of timing of the song while editing as I realised that for the tape delay to sync properly the guitar stabs had to come in on the 1st beat of the bar to stay in time. I also found that with the current BPM of 160 it was too fast for the style of music I was heading towards, that being reggae. I with the use of flex altering the BPM also altered the recordings to match.

Ive also started to plan further into the future as I have other assignments coming up and want to spend as much time on this as I can. As of right now I want to record some extra guitar tracks and also place vocals within the song. I saw this as an opportunity to network with the other courses within the Creative Arts school at Hertfordshire Uni, I contacted Fatma from the Music Composition course who was willing to write lyrics and melody for the song. I provided her with a rough edit (below) that had an additional guitar DI for the chorus as a temporary recording to give her a idea of how the chord progression went and what direction the song was heading in. As you can hear below it is very plain and out of time in places. I plan to use the next few weeks to round off what I am doing so I can record a solid idea than booking studio time without an idea at all.