Studio Recording Project – Holidays

20th December

Since the 2nd of December I have looked into the project when I can however other assignments had taken priority due to their deadlines just passing (submitting the last due before the holidays on the 20th December). I finished flexing the bass to which I was soloing to the click. This lead me to discover that when reintroducing the drums they didn’t need much work when flexing up until the end of the first verse, here I discovered that the drummer was rushing into the next section. I had a problem as I was able to correct the parts around each fill it but a few of the fills didn’t sound like they were in time. Placing the rest of the drums in time also caused parts to introduce artefacts due to stretching but at this point most of the drums were in time with each other instrument. This caused me to listen to each type flex due for each instrument to select the best one. I found for the issues with the drums Polyphonic was the best due to slowing down the BPM. I wanted to take due care an attention with each part so was spending each day on a different element of the song spacing my time out up until the week before the deadline date. Also adding temporary EQ, compression and gating to each part so I could start to get a sound I liked however will most likely spend some time to concentrate on on this element later down the line. At this point more alternatives have been mounting up as I progress.

23rd December  2016

My main aim today was to get the bulk the creativity and additional writing complete before I recorded anything else. After discussing in our lectures that we could use software instruments under the stipulation that we recorded them (none were allowed to be present in the final product) I decided that I would take influence from some of the tracks I had listen to. Having taken note of what instrumentation were present  when listening a few weeks ago I added an organ part that was originally recorded with midi. This I then decided this into two separate tracks with one playing high organ and one a low organ to gel the track together as at this point with just bass drums and guitar as it felt like some frequency content was missing in the song. This then evolved into breaking down the organ composition and removing a variation on the last chord to which I moved to a plucked guitar part as I felt this gave myself more room to move it around in the stereo image.

I had also decided that while we had recorded a few extra parts on the original recording day for what I was doing there wasn’t much I could use as I wanted a steady organ and vocal. At the end of the day I decided to re-record the chorus guitar as this was original place with additional processing. Now my next step was to record everything that I had written and placed within the song today within the new year.